NuBellamora Anti-Age

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NuBellamora Anti-Age (8 packs of exfoliant + 8 packs of collagen)

One of the most advanced Exfoliant / Collagen products on the market today!

Instantly remove a layer of dead skin and help to promote new skin growth for

younger, more healthy looking skin.

Also recommended for help in rejuvenating previously burned skin or scars on the skin.

This is one product you simply need to experience for yourself.

One month supply includes:

* PAPAYA EXFOLIANT Advanced Skin Renewal (8 packets)

* COLLAGEN Cellular Repair Cream (8 packets)

Instructions: Use 2 packets of exfoliant and collagen each week. Wait at least 2 days between uses. Use Exfoliant first, wash off, then use collagen. One person should use only 1 packet of each twice weekly for the desired area such as the face.

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NuBellamora Anti-Age 1 month supply.

Includes: 8 packs of papaya exfoliant + 8 packs of cell rejuvenating collagen


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